Gossip Girl Reboot (2021) Trailer Thoughts

Hey, everyone! Today I’m presenting you my thoughts on the Gossip Girl reboot trailer. I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan (see: I Can’t Stop Rewatching Gossip Girl and Here’s Why), and as much as I’ve been dreading this reboot since it was announced a few years back, there’s no way I can’t not watch it. I’ll most likely review the show in some shape or form after its release (July 8), but I thought it’d be fun to first discuss some of my thoughts on the trailer!

My Thoughts

Overall, I thought it was a solid trailer. It did it’s job in piquing my interest in the show, and giving us a glimpse at the personalities of the some the characters. The show runners of this reboot have been pretty evasive at not giving too much away about the plot of the show. Instead, they’ve focused a lot on introducing the new cast of characters (see the official Gossip Girl Instagram). So, this trailer was no exception. All we know is that there’s a new girl who finds herself intertwined with her school’s ruling class on the Upper East Side. This premise is already quite different from the original GG since Dan is very much an outsider trying to budge his way in. From the trailer, the reboot newcomer seems to reluctantly give in to hanging out with the popular crowd. I quite like this change since it allows the new show stand on its own two feet, rather than being a carbon copy of the original.

I also noticed how large this seemingly “close knit” friend group is. In the original show, the main five were Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Dan. There were some seasonal additions over the show’s run (e.g. Vanessa, Georgina, and Charlie), but these five were the core of the cast. From the trailer, the reboot has a core cast of eight characters. This change might have been an effort to prevent viewers from drawing direct parallels to the original cast, but eight main characters does seems like quite a lot. I’ll be interested to see if we focus more on a select few, and what type of dynamic the friend group has in the show. My guess is that some are closer than others, and the group is probably made up of subgroups, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. One of my favorite things about the original Gossip Girl were the episodes where the main four (and sometimes Dan) would work together. It felt very reminiscent of the the dynamic they might’ve had years before Serena fled for boarding school, preceding the pilot episode. I’m hopeful that this reboot–if it does anything for me at all–will deliver in presenting us with a good bit of friend group drama, but strong friendship connections, too. That fine line between friend and enemy was the essence of original Gossip Girl, after all.

The trailer also reveals that the Gossip Girl character in the reboot is seemingly a continuation of the original Gossip Girl blog site, but this time it’s an Instagram account. This feels very fitting for the present-day setting, so I’m interested to see how social media in general will be incorporated into the show. The original GG had the luxury of airing prior to the social-media obsessed era in which we currently live, so it seems the reboot is going to really lean in that contemporary concept. The trailer shows one of the characters on Instagram Live (while deeming herself “influential”), and the school principal even mentions the Gossip Girl Instagram by name. This is probably the element I’m most worried about since the incorporation of social media in TV shows sometimes feels a lot more like commentary instead of a seamless thing. But, alas, I guess we’ll see!

I also watched this MsMojo round-up video covering everything we know about the reboot to get a bit more sourced context about the show. Needless to say, I’m still skeptical– but I’m also hopeful that the show just might surprise me.

4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Reboot (2021) Trailer Thoughts

  1. I’m kinda scared to try and watch the new series, if only because I loved the original one so much. Some of the changes sound really great though (less of a focus on cishet white characters, the switch to instagram to keep it modern) but I still don’t know how I feel about it after that trailer!


    1. I’m definitely still regarding this show as a reboot I didn’t want, but since it’s on a new network I’m holding out just a bit that it might be somewhat good 😭.

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