I Can’t Stop Rewatching Gossip Girl and Here’s Why

Hey there, Upper East Siders. Deja, here. If you didn’t know, Gossip Girl is my favorite TV show. I even modeled my blog post sign off after the show’s infamous closing line “XOXO, Gossip Girl”. I’ve watched it so many times that I know the basic order of the drama that unfolds, and what seasons I prefer to others. So, what do I love so much about this show? Here’s a small, comprehensive list.

It’s set in NYC


Gossip Girl was one of the first teen dramas I’d ever watched. Thanks to Netflix, I had started watching The Vampire Diaries and Reign, but I wanted something different (less vampires and politics). I gave Gossip Girl a go and I was sucked into its big city setting. The galas. The benefits. The penthouses. The private schools. GG had me obsessed with the Upper East Side’s high life. It was really my first look into the Big Apple. Of course I know that this is the life of the rich and wealthy times ten (and with a dark side), but I still had fun watching it. I’ve finally made plans to visit NYC for the first time and you bet I’ll be checking out all the Gossip Girl sites (the MET steps!).

The fashion

Regardless of whatever crazy scheme was going down, both Blair and Serena took the streets of Manhattan by storm with their fashion. Blair had a classy and timeless style while Serena’s was more chic and trendy. This duo oozed style in each and every scene, making me drool even more over the show (with my PJs on and ice cream in hand). Even the uniforms (though completely out of traditional dress code) were to die for. One of my favorite scenes ever is when Blair is disgusted at a girl for wearing “last season’s Tory Burch flats”. Priceless. The designer pieces B and S dawned in this show could make any girl dream of the glam life! I definitely was (and still am).

It’s crazy dramatic


Gossip Girl takes it to the next level when it comes to the drama. It’s a show full of rich kid problems and family issues (on steroids). Daddy issues (lots), Serena’s boyfriends, con artists, Thanksgiving (trust me on this one), frenemies, crazy royals, Nate’s girlfriends and so much more.

Gossip Girl’s identity…?

Gone Maybe Gone

For me, the Gossip Girl identity reveal didn’t make much sense. There are so many times when I’m rewatching the show and finding so many inconsistencies in who’s really behind the laptop. The big reveal in the last episode still has me shaking my head, no matter how many times I watch it. I will say, its easy to lose sight of the Gossip Girl mystery when she’s stirring up so much trouble. For a second there, it’s easy to be content with her anonymous persona. I was spoiled for who she was before I finished the show, so I’m actually glad no real easter eggs are dropped throughout the seasons. Just in the finale.

And that, my friends, is why I am addicted to watching this show. It has a setting that I love, amazing fashion, A+ drama, and that mystery element that I can’t get enough of. At this point, GG has become my comfort show I watch when I’m in a funk or when I’m in between shows. Season 3 is my definitely my favorite to re-watch.

I hope you enjoyed my Gossip Girl gush post. If you love GG as much as I do, let’s chat about! Let me know some of your favorite things about the show. And if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl (please watch it), let me know a show that you love to rewatch.

That’s all for now. See you in my next post!

‘You know you love me…’


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